Working the numbers for Kindergarten

boy counting

Having seen my son through kindergarten last year, and repeated this year, I think there are several essentials for children before they move to big school. It goes without saying that good manners pentasa canadian pharmacy and healthy habits are a prerequisite – they don’t have their preschool teachers to tell them to wash their hands before eating, or helping with toileting.

Every kid starts Kindergarten at vastly different skill levels, which makes for a difficult year for the teachers, trying to get everyone heading in the same direction. Volunteering for ‘reading groups’ at my son’s school I could see the wide variation in abilities; some are just able to write their name and identify colours, whereas others start the year at reading level 6 and can correctly add and subtract numbers under 30!

It depends on a lot of factors, of course, but what sort of learning has gone on at taking a viagra and a cialis same time home, preschool or day care can have a big influence. No surprises that I found kids with an older sibling were more likely to be skilled at maths and reading.

But we all want what’s best for our children and the canadian pharmacy review addressing basic numeracy and literacy before Kindergarten is a good start. In ‘Getting bang for your book’ I offered some tips on helping with the reading. So what about getting to grips with numbers?

Here are some of my suggestions;

Play ‘I Spy’ centred around shapes, numbers and patterns. For example, I spy four traffic lights. My husband would sit in the café with the children promising a treat for whoever counted five white cars going past the window.

Making patterns. Use coloured pegs, blocks or (my favourite) cutlery to start a pattern for your kids to finish. Fork, table spoon, tea spoon for instance. Encourage your kids original use for viagra to draw their own patterns. Then you can use them for borders for cards or wrapping paper.

chilli's in order

Measuring things. Cut a piece of string (any length will do) and use it to measure objects around the house. Find out what is longer and what is shorter than your ‘string measuring tape’. Or see how many times bigger something is. You can also explore other ways of measuring things using a cap, spoon, foot prints or hand lengths.

boy with measuring string

Go on a number hunt. When out walking find numbers around you. cialis by mail canada They could be house numbers, phone numbers on signs, speed limits, car number plates – you get the idea.

number 7

Counting games. Use different numbers as the starting point. Start from 5 or 11. Ask your child to count forwards and backwards. Then move on to skip counting: count by fives and tens. They’ll probably do this in the first year of Kindergarten but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of practice beforehand.

Buy a couple of dices. Roll the dice and say, make or write the numbers shown. Or roll two dices and add the numbers together to find the total. Of course a game of snakes and ladders can make it a lot more fun, even though it seems to go on forever!

game with dice

Out and about. Help make the links to everyday life by turning everyday events into a maths story. What about counting the fruit in the fruit bowl, cutting the fruit into four pieces. Or sorting the fruit by colour and counting how many of each. Count the signs on the way to the park.

Playing shop. Talk about how we pay for items using good old fashioned notes and coins. Then get out some food or grocery items and use sticky post-it notes to put prices on them. Or cut out items from supermarket catalogues. Then get your child to add up how much it all costs. Make paper money (or use Monopoly money) to buy and sell items from the shop. Mix it up buy generic cialis paypal a bit by ordering items by cost (cheapest to most expensive) or, if you have smaller children, order by height (smallest to biggest). If you have older kids introduce kitchen scales to weigh items and the order items by weight

Ball fun. If you have very active kids try combining counting with balls games. For example, ‘how many throws can we do without dropping the ball’ or ‘How many jumps does it take to get to the far wall.’ My favourite is ‘How many times can you tap the balloon before it touches the ground’. We have spent hours doing this one. It improves hand eye co-ordination too.

mother and child playing ball

The number of ideas for counting, measuring and sorting viagra other uses are endless. I know there are lots of kids apps that help with numeracy too. But numbers are all around us – do you really need to go online for inspiration?

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