The best gift you can give a child is you

Mom and daughterMy kids are 18 months apart. It’s a great age gap in many ways because they spent how to buy viagra a lot of time happily playing together.

It also means I have to be particularly mindful of ensuring that both get special one-on-one time with me. In fact, when they were smaller that used to be my measure of a successful day: spending at least 10 minutes with each child, taking the time to truly connect and play with them. My daughter loves bubbles, so I took the time to show her how to wash her hands properly and how the bubbles ‘magically’ appeared.

Does that happen now? No. Since they have started preschool and primary school, there doesn’t seem to be the time. I’ve a house to run, paid work to do, adult relationships to maintain and well as my own interests.
That said, I do make an effort to incorporate some one-on-one time with each of them every day. In fact it starts off pretty well, when my daughter rushes into our buy viagra no prescription bedroom first thing for an early morning snuggle. Nothing compares to the warmth, softness, baby breath (still) and those arms wrapped around my neck most mornings.

There are lots of other opportunities too: a puzzle after school, a quick trip to the shops where you can have a proper conversation and listen to your child’s stories. Or another snuggle and chat after a bedtime story. Something, anything that helps me and my child feel connected in their pre-school and kindergarten full days.

In fact, there’s evidence that not spending more time with the kids is one of the biggest regrets parents have. A study by Pennsylvania State University found it was particularly important in the teen years, where time spent with mum and dad can help boost social skills and self-esteem. Why wouldn’t it? Spending that one on one time confirms to them that they are your priority. A recent study from Ohio State University also found a correlation between time spent with the kids and the likelihood of adolescent obesity. Again, self-esteem is likely to be a factor.

I’m making it a priority to invest in my children’s’ emotional health and contribute to their overall health and wellbeing. We all want healthy and happy kids, don’t we? I’m trying to ignore the argument that I don’t have time – there’s always a way. And the evidence suggests its one of the most important things you can do for your child.

What are your tips on making it a priority? I’d love to hear them.

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