Six things to clean more often

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Cleaning can be satisfying, malady but it isn’t always enjoyable. Especially when you have small children around, seek the mess never seems to stop. So, whilst it’s obvious you need to regularly clean the bathroom and the kitchen, many of us make excuses to pursue other cleaning tasks with less frequency. The problem is, of course, the longer you leave it between cleans, the greater the chance that it will be unhygienic.
With that in mind, here’s a list of places you probably need to clean more often. Me too. When it comes to missing out on some of these, I am guilty as charged.

1. The remote control, light switches, door knobs, taps, computer mouse, keyboard, car steering wheel and anywhere lots of hands come in contact with. By cleaning and then disinfecting these items the chance of spreading germs is greatly reduced.

2. Pillows. Washing the bed pillows is a bigger job than washing the sheets and tends to be put off. So if you haven’t done it for a while, give it a go and smell the difference.

3. Large appliances. Give your dishwasher, washing machine and fridge a good clean every couple of months. Over time, they do build up a residue of food and other debris, and germs can also build up in the corners and beneath the door hinge. To keep them in the best condition possible, give them a thorough clean.

4. Make up brushes and hair brushes. Okay, I admit it, I don’t do these very often either, but if you believe the UK’s Daily Mirror hairbrushes are a haven for bacteria. They need a regular clean, as much as once a week. It makes little sense to use dirty brushes on a clean face or clean hair.


5. Bathroom mats and carpets. Cleaning carpets and rugs are a big job, but think about how much happens on and around them. The food, the sweat, the dirt, the pet hair and all the things that the kids bring in. I do mine twice a year.

6. Quilts, blankets and mattress protectors. We routinely wash our sheets, but our quilt or duvet on our bed doesn’t get cleaned nearly as often. In between washing our quilt I do love to give it a good air out on the clothes line on a warm sunny day. It helps fluff up the fibres and the smell is oh so fresh!

I am sure there’s plenty I have missed. Under the dresser. The air vents in the wall. The tops of doors. The seal of the fridge. On top of cupboards too high to reach without a stepladder. The list goes on!деньги в долг ярославль прямо сейчасчерный пиар в интернете ютубальтеза туроператоркилиманджаро ценыальфа банк кредитная карта увеличить лимитдам деньги в долг москваальфа банк кредитная карта мои правилаафриканское сафари cabela african safariтуры восхождени¤ на г килиманджароразработка программ для андроидсправка про отсутствие судимости киевотдых турци¤ май 2015идеи комнатыпродвижение сайта в яндексанализ сайта бесплатнореклама юридических услуг в интернетеконтекстная реклама google adwordsв ваннуюрадиатор нижняя подводкапродвижение интернет сайтаденьги в долг под расписку кировacheter bondageукладка инженерного паркетаалександр лобановскийкупить гигиеническую помадупланшет топМунтянлобановский александр игоревич классрейтинг mfxbrokerразработка медицинских сайтовподбор ключевых слов в яндексеwobsноутбуки донецкпланшет в рассрочку москвакарандашная техника в макияже глазcargo shipment technologyкак устроиться врачом в германии

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