Making time for exercise

I think we are one of most time poor people in modern society. Juggling kids, homework, cooking, cleaning, laundry and work, along with time with your partner and family. We do all this whilst attempting a social life. It’s no surprise that there’s scarcely any time for exercise.

Yet the experts reckons we need 30 minutes a day; enough to raise your heart rate. How do you fit it all in? Here are some ideas.

women running

  • Break it down into blocks. 10 minutes here and there does add up. Do some squats, sit ups or push ups while you are waiting for the kids. Rather than standing away impatiently as they finish off swimming, or soccer, or piano lessons, run up and down the stairs a few times, or do a little skipping. Pack a rope in your handbag.
  • Find your window of time. Is it before everyone wakes up, lunchtime sleeps, just before school pick up or after everyone has gone to bed? A set routine means you are more likely to stick to it.
  • Try different things until you hit on something you enjoy. If you are social, try running with others. I loved jumping on the trampoline as a kid and I am still jumping today. It’s just the trampoline looks a lot smaller – what’s with everything shrinking when you get older!
  • Time swap with someone from mothers group or your neighbour. That way you both get some kid-free time for exercise.
  • Use the childcare facility at the gym.
  • Join a team. Pick an activity you love and get some friends together. Team sports are fun and, once you are committed, it’s hard to back out. Play whatever sport your child cheapest pharmacy is playing. Here are some tips on getting them into it.

women playing football

women hanging upside down

  • Start a mum and baby pram exercise program with the mums from your mothers group. It’s a great way to get outside, meet other mums and exercise.
  • Take turns with your spouse to exercise. My husband cycles two mornings a week and I go to Bikram yoga twice a week. Four days of structured exercise out of seven makes such a difference.
  • Buy a weight set, skipping rope and Swiss ball. You’ll find lots of tutorials to exercise along with on YouTube. The kids will probably want to join in, so lay down some towels so everyone has their own workout space.

women skipping rope

  • Bike ride or scoot with your kids to school. I ride with my son every day. It’s an extra 20 minutes of exercise and I don’t have the hassle of finding a car spot either. All these small chunks of exercise add up. It’s made a difference generic cialis online to my personal overall health and wellbeing. Besides, it’s fun!
  • If none of this sounds inspiring, hire help. A personal trainer offers workouts tailored to your personal schedule as well as extra motivation. They can be a little pricey, but your health is worth the investment.

Over time, exercise becomes who we are. It’s as routine as brushing your teeth, eating and sleeping. And it gives you the energy to sustain crazy busy schedules. What’s more, you are releasing those endorphins that make you a happier person. That rubs off onto the kids. As we all know, a happy mum makes for a happy family.бизнес процесс выдача кредитаbirthday party caricaturesденьги в долг без процентов в минскенациональный парк килиманджаро d fahbrtaltezza climbing limited отзывыгде взять деньги в долг в самарепоездка на озера натрон в танзаниикратера нгоронгороотдых в мае 2015чешская посуда москвапересечение границы украина россиякак оформить кредитную карточку в дельта банкерадиаторы отопления royalяндекс подбор словпродвижение сайта эффективноблог о продвижении сайтовкак проверить рейтинг сайта в поисковых системахпиар стратегия примерчугунные дизайнерские радиаторы отопленияфолля диагностикаоформление кредитной карты альфабанк отзывыкаркасный дом самseo продвижение seo

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