Let your light shine – 5 ways to stay on an energy high

This is an exhausting time of the year. The kids have been through the school holidays, exhausting in itself and then there is all the extra cooking and cleaning. The net effect is that it drains you of the last dregs of energy.

Whilst you might start the day full of beans, it can all come crashing to a halt after the kids have gone to bed. Sometimes you hit a wall earlier in the day. That’s far from fun, particularly as you want to have a good time with the family, not be a crabby mum who says ‘no’ to everything.

So, how do you help keep those energy levels up? Here are five golden rules that can help:

  • Drink lots of water. Always keep a bottle of water handy. To me, this is the single biggest difference. We’re supposed to consume two litres of water a day, but that can vary depending on many things such as the weather, our diet and how much caffeine we drink. If you fall a long way short of that, find a way to change your habits and drink more.

glass of water

  • Get enough sleep. If you need to, go to bed as soon as you put the kids to bed. It doesn’t mean you are a
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    social recluse if you head off to bed before nine at night. It just means you are listening to your body. For an extra good sleep, try a warm relaxing bath beforehand.

  • Don’t skip meals – going without food for too long allows blood sugar levels to dip. Try to eat regularly to maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Snack on nuts, non-fat yoghurt and dried fruit. Being a good role model helps to encourage healthy eating habits for your children too.


  • Get moving and exercise. At the very least take quick walk around the block. Or a lap of the local pool. Find a window of time to exercise everyday. It could be before everyone else is awake, or during lunchtime sleeps. Or just after your partner comes home. Exercise is an easy way to help clear your mind too.

women skipping rope

  • Laugh. Find something fun to do with your kids and be silly. It’s all part of raising a happy family and an instant mood booster.

There are lots more things to consider, of course. Take a power nap when you can, make sure you get a good breakfast to start the day right, avoid those sugar hits (you know the low follows soon after) and steer off the alcohol.

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