Hitting The Road These Holidays

BabyMac - road tripWe’ve spent quite some time traveling to various holiday destinations over the past few weeks. Divorced parents on both sides for my husband and I means that there are FOUR lots of grandparents to visit, 4 lots of Christmas gatherings, and luckily for us, lots of destinations we can travel to for our school holiday break! All this means time spent in cars and time spent packing.

One thing I have recently discovered is that I over pack. Seriously over pack. Not just for me, but for the kids. This holiday I decided to cut down what I normally take. So instead of 3 dresses I’ve taken 1. Instead of 5 top options, I might have 3. One light cardi. ONE PAIR OF SHOES. One of everything. The bags are lighter – there is less space used and it’s just less complicated at the other end when you are living out of a suitcase. If we run out, I just wash the clothes again. It’s been completely liberating!

The other trick I have honed these holidays is the packing the car to occupy the kids. We have had some long trips – over 6 hours on one occasion – so we need lots to keep the kids distracted in the car. In the back seat between the girls I pack dolls, some books, even some colouring in. We are also lucky enough to have a DVD player in the car, we have some music for them and when all else is lost, there’s good old eye spy. If you break down the trip into 30 min activities (you can make up 3 lots of this for a movie) it all seems far less daunting. Read for 30 mins, play dolls for 30, listen to music for 30. It makes long trips all the more bearable.

And lastly, instead of getting caught spending loads of cash on food at service stations or fast food outlets along the way, a trip to a fruit shop & bakery made one long drive easy. I bought grapes, strawberries, blueberries, a few plain bread rolls and some date scones. The kids were happy, there wasn’t plastic rubbish everywhere and they didn’t go crazy on sugar highs. Best bit it all cost under $10.

What’s some ways you make road trips easier? Got any great tips?

Happy traveling these school holidays!

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  1. Lisa said:

    Sticker books have kept our 4 year old girl and 6 year old boy entertained. Our longest trip was to the Gold Coast from Sydney and back again. We brought along DVD players and they only watched for a short time. I couldn’t believe how much they enjoyed them!! The better ones like Usborne sticker dolly and sticker sports are worth it for some peaceful travelling.

    • My girls have used those dolly sticker books and they are FABULOUS aren’t they? Great suggestion!

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