How to get more ‘me’ time

It’s such a dilemma, isn’t it? I’m being pulled in all directions, fighting fires and never having a moment to myself. Sometimes you just want to go outside, climb on the roof and yell at the top of your voice, ‘what about me!’


In my experience, it’s best to not less this hankering to go unresolved for too long. You’ll end up grouchy and impatient.

We all need to rejuvenate and, despite some evidence to the contrary, mums are not superhuman. We already devote practically our entire lives to our children, so we should get over any guilt feeling associated with a few hours off.

And when we do, everyone wins. A study in the journal ‘Child Development’* shows how, what they call impoverished parent–child interactions early in life can have profound consequences later in life.

So it’s better if you grab a few hours to yourself now and again and reward your family with richer, quality experiences the rest of the time.

But how do you do that, when there’s clothes to wash, dinner to make, children to occupy? Here are four tricks that work for me, at least some of the time.

Share the is cialis cheaper than viagra housework

Early on in their life the kids might want to help out, but their input can be counter productive. It builds quality time, but it doesn’t save time. The good news is, from five or six onwards, that all changes. The kids can wash the car, dust the house, organise the cupboards, help prepare food. They want to be with us and their help can be constructive. When you’ve got that mastered, see if you can try it on dad too!


Introduce a quiet time

Let everyone know that a particular point in the day is quiet time. The same time every day, so it becomes part of the routine. Use this time to do something for yourself – reading, catching up on email, Facebooking. My kids love quiet time, with a book on their bed, Lego, some imaginary dress up play in their room or a couple of fun iPad apps. Just one hour a day can make a big difference to your own ‘me’ time.shutterstock_126295043

After bed time

My husband and I have always been very particular about getting the kids to bed on time. As far as possible it’s the same time every night, finishing with a bedtime story from each of us. buy cialis from uk When the lights are out, my time starts. Try and keep this routine at your place – then run yourself a bath, complete with candles, music, magazines.


Daddy time

Saturday morning is a great time for mums to have some ‘me time’. Judging by the number of fathers you see out with the kids at the park, this is hardly a revelation to many. Get him, or your mother or babysitter, to look after the little ones while you take a long walk, go for a bike ride or idle away some time in a café. Whatever you do, this is one of those rare occasions where you get to do something without interruption. You come back refreshed and with a clear head.


You don’t need to allocate too many hours to keep from going barmy. Getting in one hour a day, somehow, with a bit more at the weekend, will make all the difference. As a mum you’ll know, an hour away from the kids feels like two. But don’t tell your partner that. He’ll try and halve your ‘me time’.деньги в долг на карту украинаWroclaw escortsкредит на бизнес альфа банкнациональный парк африки generic viagra online canadian pharmacy кратер нгоробанк михайловский кредит онлайнкредитка дельта банк отзывымаршруты подъема спуска килиманджароденьги в долг на банковский счет срочнозаповедник нгоронгоропрокуратура московского района харьковаинтернет магазин аксессуары для ваннойкилиманджаро сложностьтелефон горячей линии налоговойпродвижение сайта в москвеоформление маленькой ванной комнаты фоторекламное продвижение сайтовкак разместить рекламу на яндексепиар ютубполотенцесушитель маргроидсимптомы увеличения щитовидкидать деньги в долг под процентыдикие животные африки видео бесплатнораскрутка сайтов в топ цена

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