Easy tips for a fresh smelling home


We live in an old house. It’s over 100 years old. We love it, but when it rains a lot, or we have been away for a bit, the whiff of musty damp is always there to greet us when we open the front door. So what are some quick and easy tips for a fresh smelling home?

1. The first one is obvious. When you are home open the windows and doors everyday to increase the airflow and let that lovely clean Australian air into your house.

2. For the bathroom, put a couple of drops of essential oil inside the toilet roll every time you change it. It’s inexpensive, simple and nobody will figure out where that lovely scent is coming from.

3. In the kitchen, put a few sprinkles of baking soda at the bottom on the rubbish bag when you change it. Baking soda can act as a neutraliser and absorb odours.

chopping boards4. If your wooden chopping board smells like garlic or seafood try rubbing the board with a wedge of lemon and then rinse. Also, try a bowl of vinegar next to the stove to absorb strong cooking odours.


5. If your walls are painted, wipe them down with a nice fresh smelling detergent based cleaner. It’s an easy two for one cleaning job, getting rid of the marks and adding to the wonderful overall smell

of your home.

6. Freshen up as you vacuum by emptying a scented envelope sachet in the bag of the vacuum cleaner so it emits that lovely fragrance as you vacuum.

7. Finally, try buying or picking some flowers from your garden for the scent, but also for the lovely feeling of well-being and happiness flowers bring to our lives.

For me, having a clean fresh smelling home promotes a feeling of happiness, joy and love. It also brings up childhood memories of having a happy healthy home as my mum worked tirelessly to make it that way for our family. It’s only as a parent you realise how lucky you were and think about how you can create this for your own children.

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