Bring back the fun

Have you become so stuck in the routine that you’ve forgotten how to have fun. Take a lead from the kids – they know all about having a good time.

happy girls

When my first child was born six years ago, my idea of fun was marvelling at all the neatly folded little baby clothes in his draws and deciding what he should wear that day.

I don’t think I’m alone in that. Lots of new mums are enticed by the little clothes and don’t mind the frequent costume changes as clothes are soiled. For me, the novelty of deciding what he would wear never seemed to wear off.

When my daughter came along, that idea of fun waned slightly. Still, the shopping was fun. Who doesn’t like shopping and dressing a baby girl?

It’s fair to say, though, that, as the years passed, my definition of fun has changed. There are many things that must be done to keep a house running smoothly and picking out clothes is now another chore that has to be performed.

We all go through that. The unexpected twists and turns of those first few years, suddenly becomes routine. That becomes the ‘danger’ time. It’s easy to focus on the functional parts of being a mum and forget about the idea of fun. Fun is something the kids can have by themselves because you simply don’t have the time to play with them anymore.

mum sitting looking at baby crawling

I have to admit, I’ve been guilty of thinking like that. Now, I make a conscious effort to incorporate fun into daily life. Sure, it will create extra work for me – tidying up for a start – but the kids will thank you for it and, well, who doesn’t want to have fun anyway? It’s all part of my overall Mission for Health – to stay happy and healthy in everyway.

These holidays the fun has revolved around being more active. So far we have been camping, went on a long hike, horse riding, tree top adventuring (twice), found a BMX track nearby (a big ‘win’ for my six year old son) and went ice skating. In short, doing things that challenged all of us and pushed us out of our comfort zones in different ways.

girl eating corn

So how can we incorporate a bit more fun into our lives? Since my family is young, I love to create family traditions, something we can all look forward to and plan for. To finish the week on a good note, every Friday night we have a finger food night, eating little quiches, corn on the cob, healthy homemade pizza (dough is really easy to make and absolutely delicious), berries, tub of yoghurt and small fruits like apples and bananas for dessert. If the weather is warm we combine this with a picnic in our backyard or we take the rug and a ball to the park.

family kicking ball in the garden

A fun Friday night routine prolongs the weekend and gives us the energy and impetus to tackle Saturday morning sport and whatever else the weekend has planned for us.

Some of our daily fun includes singing to my children

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every night. Yes it’s the same song and I’m bored of it, but my kids insist that I sing it every night as part of their routine. My husband does the same. And each night during dinner we share the best bit of the day, the worst bit and what we did to help someone else. These activities have become routine and my children look forward to it.

These memories and the fun we had creating them bind us together as a family. To me, that is the most important thing of all. So what are you planning for today – try those two words, ‘having fun!’ It’s all part of being happy and healthy – something we all aspire to.



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