Easy back to school lunches

girl holding packed lunch

Now that school is back routine takes over and making lunches every day, visit web once again, sales becomes the norm in households across the country. It’s easy to feel inspired and creative at the beginning of the year, pills so let’s use that enthusiasm to our advantage and make some really nutritious and fun sandwiches to get our kids off on the right start this year.
To start with, you probably already have a lunchbox recipe in your head.

2 parts fruit – one for recess and one in the lunch box
1 part dairy – yoghurt, cheese or milk
1 part carb-protein – sandwich with some vegetables and meat/fish or beans (hummus and the like)

And while we are talking sandwiches, here are some ideas:
1. Vary different types of bread like grainy, wholemeal, rye, sour dough, wraps, pita, focaccia or Lebanese bread
2.Pat dry moist ingredients like tomato to stop the bread turning soggy.
3. If your kids like carrots at home try cutting them up and putting them in, or a handful of cherry tomatoes also works well.
4. Always try to include a protein source like egg, lean meats, fish or beans (hummus, lentil pattie)
5. Remember kids ‘buy with their eyes’ so cut sandwiches into different shapes and sizes like a triple decker for older kids and triangles for the younger ones, just to keep it interesting.

Tomato roll
Here are some healthy sandwich filling ideas that your kids will actually eat (well, mine do anyway);
1. Tuna (in spring water), corn kernels, grated vegetables and low fat mayonnaise
2. Roast chicken (no skin), pesto and char-grilled capsicum
3. Mashed egg, low fat mayonnaise and salad
4. Banana, tahini and honey or cinnamon

As a final touch, I like to put a little note, particularly into my son’s lunchbox just to say ‘I love you’, if we have had a disagreement the night before. The note says nothing more or less. He is in Kindergarten, so I think I can get away with it for another year or so before he starts to get embarrassed! Maybe as they get older I can add a thought for the day. Or my husband can throw in a dad joke. We could even negotiate to not include them if he agrees to eat all the good stuff. Just a thought.

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