Easing off on the extra-curricular stuff

boys lying in the grass

In school term both my kids do swimming, gymnastics and, until recently, my son did soccer on Saturday mornings too. Now my daughter is doing piano lessons. This is on top of homework and Kumon workbooks.

All this leaves us with just two days during the week where we have nothing on after school. Add that the weekends full of birthday parties and family commitments. I know lots of parents who throw even more activities into their weekly agenda. Frankly, I don’t know how they cope.

Dr Laura Markham, canadian pharmacy androgel pump from Aha Parenting says there are dangers with over-scheduling our children. It influences the developing brain, increases the stress hormones in their bodies and habituates them to busy-ness, which makes them easily bored.

Maybe that’s why kids get so easily bored in the school holidays – trusted canadian pharmacy especially if you limit screen time. It’s almost like they have forgotten how to play around the house and make their own fun. So, in the last holidays I made a point of creating an environment at home where they can have fun and engage their imagination at the same time. This is how I did it:

1. Get lots of big boxes from the local fruit market or Aldi have them too. Let the kids decide what to do with them. Some ideas could be, making a train, a tower, draw and poke holes in them to make animals or robots. Have the masking tape handy.

boys playing with box on grass

2. Turn on the sprinklers when it was warm enough. Water the garden, wash the car, water the fence, sprinkler under the trampoline. Water can provide at least 1 hour of fun, especially when there are buckets involved. Just make sure there aren’t any water restrictions on.

little boys outside painting

3. Dress in old clothes (or swimmers), buy long paper rolls, lay it out on the grass, put out some paint and let the fun begin. Warning: this one can get very messy!

4. Bake scones or something yummy for the next door neighbours. It’s an easy way to hone those fine motor skills and help improve their maths skills as they measure up the ingredients. It also builds up friendships with your neighbours – so long as the scones taste alright!

5. Get out the art and craft supplies and be viagra and grapefruit prepared to make something yourself. Sometimes my kids needed a little encouragement to do something cialis for daily use different with a paper plate. Paper chains can be fun. Don’t be surprised to find them draped throughout the house. My kids have fishing tackle box to keep all their art supplies in. All those compartments keep everything tidy and neat, at least in theory.

In short the school holiday’s were loads of fun for my kids. They adapted quickly to the idea of having fun around the house. In reality, I was the one who needed to adapt. I was so used to the rushing around I was initially eager to get out the door each day.

On reflection, I realised how much I rush my children through the weekly school routine. There is a lot to be said of slowing down and taking the child’s lead on the pace of life. If it takes them all day to change out of their pyjamas, or it doesn’t happen at all, does it really matter? So, this school term, I am cutting back on the extracurricular activities to one per child and we are going to enjoy eating dinner together, getting outside more, going to the park after school and spend more time just ‘hanging out’..микрозаймы круглосуточно с плохой кредитной историейуправление репутацией компании в интернетесколько стоит сафари в танзании восхождение на килиманджаронациональный парк африки кратер нгоросезоны в танзаниинужны деньги в долг под процентытуры африка сафари кени¤ танзани¤кредит для нового бизнесакредитка дельта банк заказатьтур отдых в турциипроценті по депозитамсрочно нужны деньги без справокportugese translate to englishseo service in russiaкак увеличить cialis maximum dosage продажи через интернетпанельные радиаторы отопления ценыпродвижение сайтов в google и yandexhow to trace the location of a phone numberмаленький полотенцесушительлечение уреаплазмоза киевкак получить кредитку в дельта банкевосхождения на килиманджаротент Honda

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